So how to choose a professional and effective web design partner, when you do not have much knowledge of IT? This article will help you find solutions to that problem. In addition to that, you can refer to clasy website builders for more information. With this list of 10 simple criteria, you can choose a professional website design company.

1. Estimated budget:

The first thing you need to set is the estimated budget for your web design project. To make a reasonable budget, you need to understand your needs for the website you want.

If it is simply a company’s introduction website, it does not require a high budget, but if it is a sales website or e-commerce website, the budget will be much higher.

In addition to the expected budget, you should set a budget for possible derivatives. In addition to listening to advice from partners, you should also understand the needs so that you avoid falling into unnecessary features that cause budget waste.

However, a reasonable strategy is needed, because if you remove some necessary features, later patching will be more difficult and expensive than the amount you initially invested.

2. Get a Quote:

This can take a long time, especially for companies that offer different packages of services. Typically, the website design units usually do not publish prices and ask customers to contact them to provide information.

Because the website design service will not have a web template available, it must be based on the feature requirements of the customer.

For the most objective, you should get quotes from several web design units to compare. However, choosing a cheap service also has its risks.

So depending on the budget of the business and the website design price of the partner, you can consider choosing.

3. Costs Incurred:

Some web design companies usually do not put out the costs incurred on the contract. But when it comes to implementation, there are many types of fees will be charged from you which you did not expect and it leads to exceeding the budget.

So you need to ask your partner about terms of costs incurred. Do they charge for unexpected updates to the site? Does the price include taxes or not?  To avoid the hassle and controversy later, you need to understand the cost policy of the website design partner.

4. Evaluation of capacity records:

Each website design company will have a profile of their performance through the projects they have done for their customers. By looking at those products you will assess their suitability for your project.

Sometimes, not every well-known company is suitable for your business, but its cost is high.

Therefore, you need to assess your ability to match your needs and budget to choose the right partner. The best option is to choose a company that has designed websites in your field.

5. Ability to retain customers:

Along with looking at previous clients’ partners, you can also ask them about their customer retention rates. A unit that retains customers proves their service is very good to get loyal customers.

On the other hand, some companies come once and never return, so you also need to consider their support services.

6. Ask about key personnel:

You should have information about the person responsible for designing your site so that you can keep up to date with your site design process and discuss changes as needed.

7. Ask for information about other people in charge:

Sometimes the person in charge of designing your web site has an unexpected task, so there should be a replacement to support you when there are urgent issues.

Or a bad case is that if they quit, you still have other options to not affect the process of your website design. Also, you need information about the customer support policies of the website design company.

8. Request administrator rights website:

Depending on the requirements of customers, the website design company will decentralize administration (admin). If the client wants to do the web administration themselves and changes, they will ask for permission to administer the web, but if they want to ask the web design unit to make changes to it, there will be no need to grant administrative rights. This is the case merely to introduce the company and little change in content.

9. Website data storage:

You should ask where your website data is stored. Some units will have their hosting server, others will hire another company to provide website hosting services.

Because of the ownership and speed of your website, you should know where your website’s data will be stored.

10. Time to complete:

Finally, another important thing is the time taken to design the website. You need to consider to keep pace with your business. There should be clear clauses in the contract about the deadline and if the project is behind schedule, there will be specific solutions.

When assessing some website design units you also need to always ask about the time to complete the project, from which to compare and balance with the progress of your business project. Do not take the time to complete the website too closely to the risks that may arise affecting your work.


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