If you are a car-lover, you might have heard about Honda Accord. I mean, who hasn’t? It’s a Japanese car, after all. The reason I said so is Japan has some pretty reliable cars on their list. The cars they manufacture have not only a powerful engine but also provide pretty decent gas mileage. This aspect was rare in the earlier car industry; however, more and more car companies pay attention to it these days. Honda Accord is one such Japanese car that managed to charm the Japanese car market and the U.S market. Here are a few facts about the Honda Accord that you didn’t know.

Achieved North America’s Car of the Year in 2018

In 2018 Honda Accord received an award for the best car in North America, which says a lot. Want to know something more interesting? It had received the title three times in a row. Cool right? Speaking of the 2018 model, do you own it? If you do, you should check out the 2018 Honda Accord all-weather floor mats; they will be the perfect fit for your car.

Accord Was Made by Collaborating with The U.S Market

With Accord, Honda managed to successfully build a car in the U.S market and compete with the other American car brands, that’s impressive in itself. The Accord was the first car in the foreign section to be manufactured in America and still managed to steal the American citizens’ hearts. Not only had that but with Accord, the opportunity for foreign manufacturers widened to a greater aspect.

First Foreign Bestselling Car in The U.S

It sure did! Accord was the first-ever foreign car model that made news for achieving the best-selling car’s title in the U.S. In 1989, it garnered praises and awards for its superb service and became the first foreign car to beat other domestic cars in the competition. The impact still lingers, as people still talk about Accord very fondly.

The First Model in Honda to Have a V6 Engine

In 1982, The Accord debuted in the U.S with a 4-cylinder engine, and that was the time. But in 1995, the company started producing Accords with a V6 engine, and that made it more practical and reliable in terms of speed. The V6 machine made the Accord faster. Those who had an issue with the speed were already loving the idea of the new addition.

Awarded as The Green Car of the Year

A car with a powerful engine, superb mileage, and environment friendly – what more could you need? Presenting Honda Accord accessories, once again, to do the unthinkable. Back in those days, many automakers weren’t as near innovative as Honda was; they even felt the pressure to make their cars more environmentally friendly. However, Honda changed the game by bringing changes in Accord so that it follows the environmental regulations. The consumers and buyers very much liked this aspect, and that encouraged a massive scale. Also, did I mention that Accord had received an award in 2014 for being the Green Car of the Year? This car kept breaking all the records it had built for itself as if no other competitor existed.

I am sure you didn’t know about these facts, and as an owner, you are feeling proud of Accord. You are even patting your back for buying the most desired and beloved car in the U.S market. That’s Honda Accord for you!


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