Exercise is good for your health. We all know this fact about exercise and fitness, but very few do it! However, if you’ve finally gathered the motivation of getting up early and eating healthy, let me help you with 5 ideas to help you get more involved and get the best out of your exercise.

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#1 Try Changing Workout Routines

If you’re doing the same workouts and eating the same for two or three, you won’t probably see much change after 2-3 weeks anymore. Your muscle memory cells will adapt to it. When you’re doing something regularly, it’s no longer a struggle.

Step up your fitness routine, burn more calories, and reap the maximum benefits of exercise. Try jogging if you usually walk. Try the stairs if you typically take a lift. Also, try different physical activities such as cross-country skiing, cycling, or rollerblading.

#2 Workout in the Morning

“I’m too exhausted to exercise” shouldn’t be the reason to not exercise. Getting up early in the morning and completing a 30-minute exercise routine will give you more energy than you need throughout the day.

Your brain releases endorphins into your bloodstream when you exercise. These endorphins will make you feel more energized the rest of the day.

#3 Be Aware of What You Eat

Some fitness freaks are confused if they should eat before or after the workout! Actually, it depends on what outcomes you expect from your fitness routine. If you plan to do an intensive exercise, you’ll need to power your muscles first.

If your aim is to lose weight, you can eat after because working out with an empty stomach can cause you to tap into your fat reserves faster. I suggest eating something light first, then do your exercise, and then finish your big meal of the day.

Tip: “If the workout takes more than 15 to 20 minutes, make sure you consume plenty of water.”

#4 Do Heart-Pumping Exercises

Exercising daily boost not only your energy levels but also strengthen your core. Your “heart is a muscle”. “The longer you use it, the better it is at circulating blood across your body.” The more blood your heart produces every beat, the better it is. 

The more oxygen is distributed to your body, the more blood it pumps every beat, making you feel better. Your resting heart rate is even reduced as you strengthen your heart muscle. Make heart-pumping cardiovascular activity a part of your fitness regimen daily.

#5 Stretching Doesn’t Help You Avoid Injuries

You’ve probably heard this before that stretching is essential to prevent injuries. However, recent research suggests that so-called static stretching, which involves staying in one position while stretching, may potentially be dangerous.

Warming up is essential for improving your workout routine, but it’s not the same with stretching. Instead, warm up for four to five minutes by performing an aerobic exercise like driving, dancing, or marching in position.

Extra Tip: “If you don’t have the time to work out an hour, you can do something to cover up in just 4-5 minutes. Short bursts of vigorous workout with short rest periods in between may be almost as successful as endurance exercises, if not more so. It’s called “HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING”. Search online to know more about it!”


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