Are you an affiliate marketer? If you are an affiliate marketer, you already know what affiliate marketing is and how it works. Let me explain to you shortly. In affiliate marketing, you have to talk about a product from Amazon or Alibaba.

And if someone buys that product from amazon or Alibaba through your link, you will get a commission based on the product’s price. There are many ways to do affiliate marketing, through YouTube, through social media, through the website.

However, the most effective to do affiliate marketing is through a website. WordPress websites are more friendly for affiliate marketing. You can search for WordPress website design services and find many agencies to create the website for you. You may be wondering how you can earn money from affiliate marketing with a website. I’ll tell you how; let’s dive in.

#1. Write Product Reviews

The first and foremost way to earn from affiliate marketing is to write product reviews. You have to write the reviews in a way that pushes the reader or customer to buy that product from your link.

You can write the good side and bad side of a product. In most cases, comparing with other products of similar category showed more sales from product reviews.

It would be best to show how to use that product or how it adds value to the customer’s life, and then it would lead you to more sales.

#2 Write Informative Blogs

Writing blogs that gives information to the visitor is positive for you. If a visitor finds valuable information on your website for getting the WordPress web design services , he might check other blogs, which can lead the customer to buy a product through your affiliate link.

You should write at least 70% informative blogs and 30% blogs that promote sales.

#3 Design Your Website Simply

The simpler, the better. If you are creating a website, try to keep it simple and beautiful. If your website is complicated and it takes too much for the customer to surf on your website. Then there is a high chance the visitor will exit from your website.

You have to keep it simple and make it easier for visitors to navigate your landing page easily and discover other information.

#4 Make It Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, people are getting stuck in mobile phones more than ever. If you have a website compatible with PC and Mac and incompatible with mobile phones, you are in trouble. You are missing 70% of your visitors.

Make a website that is both mobile and PC friendly and loads quickly on both devices. This way you won’t miss any visitors.

#5 Create a Fast-Loading Website

We do not like to wait for anything. Suppose a visitor comes to your website and sees that the landing page takes too long to load. Then probably, the visitor will not click on your website again.

Try to create a website that loads faster both on mobile and PC so that the visitors do not have to wait. The faster your website is, the more visitor-friendly it is.


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