Food is one of the key point of catering business as the total thing relates to serving and managing foods. That’s why controlling the food cost maximize your gross profit to a large extent. Here are 6 food cost control tips for caterers.

1. Follow a Culture of Efficiency

There is a concept of smart food management principle which means using food ingredients and every other related thing in a measured form to use them in a most efficient manner. This principle is considered to be a best caterer solution for cost control tips. When everything is measured then the chances of high wastage will be reduced definitely leading to a great culture of efficiency in your team.

2. Monitor Your Kitchen Wastages

When you are working on a food cost controlling project then you should really spend some time in your kitchen keeping close eye on every activity being done there. You have to monitor waste and see what is contributing majorly in increasing wastage ratios. Then plan to cut them down in a way which doesn’t affect your daily workings as well as your quality is not compromised too. This activity may also include training your staff to peel fruits and vegetables efficiently or using all parts of meat of a chicken, fish or any other thing.

3. Control Portion Sizes

This is very common aspect of wasting money in any food business. Make sure you are keeping a very close eye to portion sizes so you can save more money. A caterer solution for portion sizes means to serve a weighed steak to any customer which is okay for one serving or a pizza is divided into equal shares making fair dealing with every guest. If you are hosting a buffet for food, then make sure the slicing fits one serving size and you have done precutting of pies and casseroles.

4. Keep Least Inventory in Stock

Though it is a very common strategy but mostly caterers don’t follow this assuming it may result in an unexpected disaster. It is true to some extent but result in huge wastages as well which is not making any good for your business. You can do an activity for evaluating your inventory levels with the help of your staff which may create a sense of responsibility in them as well. This will make them use everything with a limited portion and it will also be easier for them to manage when there is not much rush in your kitchen.

5. Use a Catering Software

This can contribute a lot in saving money for your business as many catering application offers a calculated amount of ingredients and required inventory at every stage of your event. Catering software are considered to be one of the best caterer solutions which can be very helpful for cost controlling tips. Also, such software helps in boosting up your income so this option is very workable if you are planning to take your business to a next level.

6. Plan Surprise and Schedules Audits

This will make your team attentive and they will be more honest with their work than usual. You can plan schedules audits in the first and last thirty minutes of every shift to start and wrap up things efficiently. While surprise audits will train them to stay active and do all working as efficiently as possible.


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