1. Do You Have Experience in the Relevant Projects?

You should ask all the relevant questions before hiring any web development service. This question about web development projects and experience is must to ask when you are looking for a great web development agency. You will be able to find out more about their projects, portfolio as well as the past projects they have done in order to gain the current fame.

2. What is Your Web Development Process?

All the web development services have their own specific processes when it comes to designing and developing websites. You should be familiar with the process of your development firm. It will help you understand how they work, their way of dealing the clients and when they are able to deliver the final work.

3. Will My Website Be Fully Custom or a Customized Theme?

Some web development agencies only develop website themes. Clients are not satisfied with this. Rather they want a fully customized website so that they can get all the features and options they need. You should ask this question from your web development company and you will be able to understand them better. It’s better to ask for previous of their web development projects to know more about them.

4. How Do You Treat the Client?

How a web development service treats the clients is a matter of great concern for the clients? They find out if they are hiring the best guys in the town or they have made a serious mistake in choosing the web development company. The way they treat customers says a lot about their services as well as professional conduct.

5. Why Your Customer Service is Too Good?

Customer service is an important aspect which every client thinks about when it comes to hiring a web development service. You should check if they have a good customer service. Then you should put up this question to learn what different and special they do to improve the customer service.

6. How Long Will It Take You to Do this Project?

The timeline or the deadline of the project is really important for every client. So they should ask their web development service to have an idea of when they will be provided with the final project. This way the clients are satisfied. They are not worried if the developers are delaying the project.

7. How Do You Optimize the Site for Speed and Performance?

Site optimization as well as the performance are the two most important factors which can make or break any website. Clients want highly optimized websites with great performance, quick loading and fast response. The clients should ask this question that how the company will optimize the site speed and performance.

8. What Are Your Charges for This Kind of Project?

The clients should be aware of the cost or charges of the web development projects from the company they are going to hire. It lets them compare the charges with other companies and find out if they are paying the right amount for their projects


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