Cycling no doubt, is great for your health and has multiple other benefits too but there are some bad things as well. And if you’re a beginner then let’s just say that taking your cycle out on the road will be a very hard job to do!

Listed below are some of the worst things about cycling that might turn you off of cycling for good. But keep in mind these are just observations, if you follow the rules then you’ll be fine:

  1. Cars Everywhere

Riding on the road is essentially difficult. Even the most experienced cyclists sometimes lose control. The reason is cars!

Now you can’t eliminate the cars but if you yourself drive one then stay in your lane and keep out of the bicycle one.

  1. Some Cyclists Push You to Death as Well

Every cyclist out there has a right to ride at their own pace but if you see a fellow cyclist taking it slow or riding carefully then don’t zoom so fast around them that you make them lose focus. Having specialized bicycles Australia, doesn’t mean you can ignore other people around you. Majority of accidents don’t happen because of a collision with a car but with another cyclist, too impatient to even see if their bike is causing harm or not.

  1. Please Watch Your Doors!

Trucks, cars or other vehicles standing on side of the road are advised to use their doors with extreme caution. Sometimes a cyclist is passing through and your door makes him/her fall down with a huge impact. So please look both ways before you just trudge your door open.

  1. Keep Your Attitude in Check

From one cyclist to another, if you think riding a speedy specialized bicycles Australia gives you the right to be arrogant and treat others like dirt, then guess what? You don’t!

Majority of the professional cyclists (not all) have a serious attitude problem which practically every person complains about. Admit your fault when it is, and even if it isn’t, instead of raging out, try keeping a level head.

  1. Daily Weather Changing

While cycling is fun most of the time, it can be really tedious if the weather isn’t welcoming. You cannot control your bicycle in huge storms or rain. One small slip and you can get admitted into the hospital with a lot of fractures. This is a huge turn off for a cyclist as he/she has to care about the weather before stepping out.

  1. Lack of Proper Gear

Lack of proper gear can make your cycling a torturous process. Every part of the cycling kit is there for a reason so eliminating even one can leave you sulking for hours.

  1. No Parking for Cycles

It is frustrating when you arrive at a supermarket or your workplace and there is no place for you to keep your bicycle in the stand.

  1. Beginner’s Pain

If you’re a beginner and you’ve started cycling up along the terrains then keep in mind that pains you will suffer in your legs and muscles will cost you some good night sleeps. This pain lingers on for a week or two and eventually fades away leaving your body adjusted to riding!

Buying the best quality bicycle is necessary to avoid any kind of health related issues while cycling around. Head to the best bike store to get the best bike deal for best bicycles.


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