Today we will provide some best tips to disinfect your shoes through this content. The shoes are the things that we need to wear every day. When we wear shoes, then we must sweat. In this case, our feet and shoes may get infected by germs.

As a result, one may get irritation on the feet. Mostly, the shoes can get fungus attacks. If your shoes get the fungus problem, you will not be able to wear your favorite shoes anymore.

That is why it is vital to take care of your shoes properly to make your shoes long-lasting. So, before you look for the black shoes for men casual, let’s start!

Soak the Shoes in Right Solution

First of all, you have to clean your dirty shoes. That is why you have to make one right solution for your shoes. Mostly, you have to check the materials of the shoes from the label. If you found any specific item that can be harmful to the shoes, then skip it.

We cannot share that many people use the wrong solution, and then the shoes become damaged. However, you have to use anti-fungal items so that you can disinfect the shoes.

In our below segment, we will provide some tips that will help you know how you will make one anti-fungal treatment to clean the shoes.  

Use Vinegar to Disinfect the Shoes

Firstly, you can try vinegar. We all know that vinegar works amazingly to remove germs. Also, it will be the thing to clan your shoes properly. Just take a bowl with some water. After that, add some vinegar and shoe cleaner into the bowl and mix all the items.

After that, you have to soak the shoes into the bowl. But of course, you have to remove the dust from the shoes before you soak it into the solutions.

Well, you can easily remove the dirt by using a toothbrush. Once you remove all the dry dust from the shoes, you can soak the shoes for at least one or two hours.

Use Baking Powder

If you want to keep your shoe germs-free and clean, then nothing will be better than baking powder. Just take some baking powder on a bowl of water and then soak the shoes for hours.

After that, you can rub the shoes with the brush. Indeed, this will be a great way to make the shoe germs-free.

Put the Shoes on Sun

It is very vital to keep the Carrera footwear or other shoes always dry. That is why you have to put the shoe in the sunlight once you clean the shoes. We often notice that people think that if they keep the shoes in the sun, they will be damaged. But it is a wrong idea.

Even, you should keep the shoes in the sun every after use. Lastly, we will suggest you use the shoe deodorant. It works amazingly to keep your shoes clean, and also, it will help to keep the shoe odor-free. So, from now, use one shoe deodorant.


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