Now it’s the best time to switch to Vodafone if you were considering this issue. It’s because it’s offering some hot deals for the eve of New Year on their both plans, prepaid and postpaid. This is not only one reason that it’s the third largest mobile operator of Australia, but it also offers some great and the best value mobile plans for its users. Despite having not the same coverage like Telstra or Optus, Vodafone has an innovative force that consistently pushes the local industry ahead. As it has crown jewel is its $5 per day global roaming deal, it’s on top of great value phone plans. Also, you’ll get their plenty of great deals available, but we’re going to talk about some special picks for the best-value plans of Vodafone for phone, SIM only, and prepaid.

Best Phone Deal

With capped data allowance at the highest speed, Vodafone has offered some exciting data plans. For example, if you like to get a new iPhone that’s costlier to grab an iPhone XS, you can get it simply by signing up to the deal of iPhone 8 for a 24-month contract with 64 GB data storage. In this case, you have to pay only $40.50 every month on its $45 Red Plan. If you need to use more data, you can get 50GB data where 35GB bonus that you have to pay the total of $85.50 every month.

Also, you can get the Red Plus Plan for $60 every month to get 100GB data where 60GB comes as a bonus. For both of the said mobile plans with international calls, you’ll get the maximum speed up to 1.5Mbps with the offer of the data capped. When you sign up online, get some other perks, for example, the generous quantity of overseas calls to chosen countries with bonus Qantas Points.

Best BYO Plan

If you’re a fan of SIM-only best value mobile plans and deals, Vodafone is offering unlimited data on max speed on selected SIM-Only plans with a capped amount. For example, you’ll get a huge data of 100GB where 60GB comes as a bonus at the maximum speed that’s capped at 1.5Mbps. Also, the plans offer limitless local and a few chosen overseas call with a lot of local and overseas texts. If you like to get this plan, you just need to pay only $60 every month for 12 months. And get some other perks, for example, the generous quantity of overseas calls to chosen countries with bonus Qantas Points if you sign up online.

Best Prepaid Deal

It looks like you’re ready to go through with Vodafone prepaid. If so then you’ll find this operator has just refreshed its Combo Plus plans that comes with more data and overseas inclusions. Unfortunately, the Half Price online promotion has been ended up that was until 8 January this year on the $40 Combo Plus Starter Pack. If you were the part of this combo pack, you could have 40GB data with 17GB bonus with a 35-day expiry. In addition to these, there was an offer of 500 minutes of standard international calls to Zone 1 countries as well as 100 minutes to Zone 2 countries.


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