Perhaps your flat iron is the sole hair styling item in your arsenal. Perhaps it’s a go-to for smoothing frizz when the weather is humid, or it’s a once-in-a-while elegant haircut.

Correct and incorrect methods are out there to use your flat iron, depending on how you want to use it. Hairstyling experts have put up a list of dos and don’ts for when and how to flat iron hair for your finest hairstyle moments.

So, before you seek “hair color services near me,” let’s know the mistakes.

The Mistake #1: Your Hair Is Not In Good Shape To Begin With

The Solution: The reality is that any heat hair tool might degrade your hair’s condition and moisture level. So, when you get dry or damaged hair to begin with, a flat iron hairstyle will only make matters worse. Make an honest evaluation.

And if your hair isn’t in excellent shape, go to work on improving it. It’s with moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, as well as deep-penetrating hair restorative treatments. This is before you turn on your flat iron.

The Mistake #2: The Sections Are Very Large or Too Thick/Both

The Solution: It’s tempting to pack a lot of hair between those flat iron plates to get through your entire head of hair faster. But, don’t. Sections must be thin and narrow for the heat to permeate thoroughly. Yes, if you have a lot of hair, this will be tedious.

But, if you want your flat iron hairstyle with hair color services to look beautiful and endure, you’ll separate your hair into parts, clip away most of it, and then flat thin iron subsections, and bottom to top. It’s until you’ve smoothed every last strand. Please take your time!

The Mistake #3: You’re Leaving Heat Protection

The Solution: Because flat irons generate a lot of heat, you should use heat protection twice: once before drying and again before flat ironing. This entails putting a heat-protective styling spray or heat styling primer through damp hair, blow-drying or air-drying hair.

And then spraying each of your tiny sections with a heat-protection spray your hair is dry before flat ironing hair.

The Mistake #4: You’re Not Doing Flat Iron Your Clean Hair

The Solution: Flat iron hair after it has adequately shampooed, conditioned, and dried. Otherwise, you risk pushing debris and hairstyling chemicals into your strands, making them feel stiff and seem lifeless.

By all means, use your flat iron for second or third-day hair touchups, but focus the majority of your balanced iron effort on your new hair.

The Mistake #5: You’re Doing Flat Iron Wet/Damp Hair

The Solution: This is a definite no. Attempting to flat iron your hair when it is damp might do significant harm to your strands. Not to mention that you will not obtain the smooth, straight hair you desire.

You can blow-dry, or air dries your hair first, but make sure it’s scorched before beginning flat iron style. But if you’re flat ironing your hair and notice steam or hear a sizzle, put it down.


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