Confused on how to hand wall art? Let us help.

1. Choose the Correct Size of Art

So, the first step to hang the wall art correctly is to choose the right-sized artwork. Depending upon the area of placement of artwork, its size is determined. For example:

  • Art directly behind the furniture – If you are doing this then the length of your wall hanging should be two-thirds of the furniture’s length in front of the wall so that it doesn’t cut the wall art behind it.
  • Art on a standalone wall – If this is the case then the calculations here are going to be a little complex. It is recommended that artwork on a standalone wall should take the wall’s four-sevenths which can be figured out by measuring the width and length of the wall and multiply each of them by 0.571 (four-sevenths in decimal).

Your expert hanging skills won’t matter if you have not picked up the right sized wall art. It will end up looking quite unappealing.

2. It Should Be Hanged at Eye Level

Hanging your wall art either too high or too low would diminish its beauty according to a friend at private trash removal near me. Make sure you place the artwork 57-60 inches from the floor as it is an average and standard eye-height of human. This technique is also followed in every art gallery and museum to attract visitors. 

3. When Hanging Behind the Furniture

If you are hanging the artwork on the wall behind the sofa, headboard or a table then it should be hanged at least 8-10 inches above the furniture.

4. Hang Different Artworks as a Group

It is great to group a cluster of frames as a single picture if you are thinking to fill your wall with hang artworks. Group the artwork in such a way that one picture goes well along with the other and the bottom-most frame relates to the furniture beneath it – advised by furniture and art expert at private trash pickup near me.

Note: While hanging the artwork in a bunch, each frame should be hanged at least 2-3 inches away from the other however, the spacing should not exceed 6 inches.

5. Small Hanging Artworks

Never hang small hanging artworks on larger walls as it would look unbalanced. Small frames are supposed to be hanged on narrow walls such as; areas between windows and doorways. Moreover, even in those spaces, don’t just hang one single small frame, take at least 2-3 small artworks and arrange them in a vertical line and try to place the most beautiful in the center to make it look more attractive.

6. Scales Should Be Balanced

While grouping different artworks as one big picture you need to balance the scales so that none of the artwork looks odd one out. Here are a few things to keep in mind;

Artwork shouldn’t be too large or too small as compared to the furniture near it as everybody including private trash removal near me would hate it.

Lighter pieces of the artwork should be placed at the upper right, mid-sized in the middle and heavier at the bottom left.

If there is only one heavy piece and the other is lighter, then the heavier one should be placed in the middle as the center of attention.


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