1. Enhance Patient Experience

Reputation of any organization let it be of any industry depends mainly on what customers think about it and tell their friends about it. So basically we can say that it’s primarily the customers that make or break the reputation of any company and based on that reputation the ranking is given. Thus, it’s very important that the owners or managers of any company make sure that they satisfy their customers to the fullest.

In case of a hospital and medical set up its highly important that the professional staff focuses on improving the patient experience with their facility by using up to date equipment and modern tools like DICOM web viewer HTML5 so that the overall reputation of the hospital improves. Wouldn’t you tell your friends if you got hurt and went to a nearby hospital to get a bandage done and you were made to wait for 2 hours just for that bandage? Or wouldn’t you tell and recommend your friends to go to a hospital just because they were very quick to treat you and their nurses were constantly keeping a check on you to ensure you are comfortable and fine?

See you will! You do talk about your experience with your friends and family and this as a whole effects the reputation of the hospital. So it can be safely concluded that good patient experience will result in good reputation so you need to focus on improving it.

2. Make Quality Your Main Focus

In every field, quality of service is important but in a field like healthcare facility where human life is involved, quality becomes extremely important because a delay in anything can cost a life and can cost a family to lose their loved one. So if you are looking to improve your facility’s ranking make sure you deliver excellent quality with latest equipment and tools like web based PACS viewer where your service is efficient and fast.

3. Closely Monitor Reviews On the Internet and Consider Them as Positive Criticism

Today the world is all about internet so if you want to find out where your facility is lacking, you need to keep a close eye on the reviews published about your hospital on various platforms online. This will keep your guidelines as to where you need to improve and focus.

4. Good Staff Equals Good Reputation

One key factor in shaping a good and pleasant patient experience is the staff. If your staff is friendly and polite and welcoming and easy to approach, then the patients will be satisfied and happy compared to if your staff is rude and arrogant. This is vital for the staff that deals directly with patients, however, it is also important for IT staff too using DICOM web viewer HTML5 and PACS system.

5. Social Media Presence

Being accessible is very important in today’s world. Today where everything is just a click away it’s important that you have a strong and updated social media existence so that if anyone wants to book an appointment or want to know your address or maybe the doctor timings, they can simply do it by accessing your website or your Facebook page or any other social networking site.

6. Sponsorship

Sponsoring health related events can help a lot in improving your ratings and reputation like sponsoring breast cancer awareness seminars or anything! This way people get an idea that the facility cares and so they will be attracted to try your hospital or will be convinced to give another chance to your hospital even after having a bad experience previously.


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