1. Clean the Room

Before you begin with the steam cleaning, make sure you clean the room. Here, cleaning means removing all the objects that are creating a mess in the room. For example; remove the toys, papers or such other items.

2. Side the Furniture

After you have cleaned the room, move the furniture from that room so that you can get access to the whole carpet and clean it thoroughly. It is also important because you can then also steam clean the dust and dirt that sneak under the furniture and rests on the carpet.

3. Dust-Off Everything

You would definitely not like dust falling from the ceiling fan or corners after you have steam cleaned your carpet. In order to prevent this, dust off the ceiling fans and corners prior to the steam cleaning so that even if it falls on the carpet, the steam cleaner removes it all.

4. Vacuum the Carpet

Steam cleaners don’t tend to remove the larger debris from the carpet, what they are specialized in is removing the dust particles that are stuck in the carpet fibers. Thus, to remove the larger debris and dust layer from the carpets, use a regular vacuum cleaner (not the steam cleaner) and run through the entire carpet carefully in one direction and then in the opposite one to capture as more debris as the vacuum can.

5. Add Water and Soap into the Steam Cleaner

As per directions, add water and soap into the steam cleaner. Most of the steam cleaners have built-in heating mechanism however it is still preferred to use hot water for the purpose and as far as soap is concerned, the cleaner comes along the steam cleaner but if it didn’t then you can buy any carpet soap or detergent for the use. It is important to use the limited and directed amount of both water and soap otherwise the results would come out the best. You can also use a professional carpet steam cleaning near me for that too. You can ask around or search the internet for that.

6. Steam Clean the Carpet Well

You should know the proper pattern of steam cleaning the carpet or else it won’t be cleaned well. The right method is to start from the corners and then move forward in straight lines. Once a line is done, run the cleaner in the opposite direction forming another line. In this way, you won’t step on the freshly cleaned carpet and also prevent overlapping.

Tip: Begin cleaning at the extreme corner from the door of the room and end at the entrance so that you don’t get stuck in the corner and have to walk on the freshly steam cleaned carpet.

7. Let the Carpet Dry Fully

Don’t just start walking on the carpet or move furniture back to its place right after steam cleaning it. Allow it to dry completely for the best results. Carpets dry normally between 6-8 hours, but some can even take up to 12-24 hours to dry. Check the carpet after every hour to see whether it has been dried or needs more time. You can use a carpet steam cleaning or residential cleaning services near me service that would do it with care and with the right tools.


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