When you think to transfer your mobile number to any other new SIM, it looks like a daunting task. As a result, you always ask its provider how many days it’ll take to be done. Also, many people ask whether they can keep their old number when they take a new SIM. You’re might be one of them who are looking for a new mobile deal as you’re also in need of a new SIM or a new plan. Also, you could be searching for the way how you can Telstra transfer number to new SIM for your own. But, don’t get panic in this case as we’re going to discuss the issue that you’re getting regarding your new SIM. Just continue reading the entire content so that you can get your issue solved.

Can You Keep Your Current Phone Number for The New SIM?

It’s true that this is a big question, but the answer is very small and that’s yes, you can. And for any mobile operator, it’s applicable to give you your desired number while changing a provider. Even your carrier is fully obliged by laws that it’s your right to get your current number if you need to change your current service provider. Besides, it’s not a matter at all which operator you’ll choose, but you’ll always get the options of keeping your existing number for a new SIM card.

But, you have to look for the available options and terms for new SIM when you buy it from an online shop. In this case, you’ll get the option “porting” or “mobile number portability”. And sometimes they’ll ask you whether you like to keep your current number while shopping from physical stores.

How to Keep Your Existing Number While Switching another Carrier?

One thing you have to do at the very first in this issue that you should NOT cancel your current mobile service when you think to change your SIM. If you cancel you’ll not be able to get the advantage of getting your existing number for the new SIM. So, you’ll get all the services from your new carrier if you have your previous mobile service. Also, you’ll get some options to get a new SIM with the same number, for example, buy it from the online shop, or order over your phone, or you can shop it from an in-store as well. Here you have to describe your current provider with your current phone number if you like to get the same one as your new SIM number.

What Happened with Your Old Mobile Number

When you’ll transfer your old number to the new provider your old number will be canceled by activating your new one. But, you need nothing to do because the rest of the process will be done by your Telco. As a result, you don’t need to cancel your previous service manually just start using your new SIM.

Bottom Line

If you don’t like to get the same number for your new Telstra global roaming SIM, then you have to contact with the customer care team to cancel it.


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