Is there any better feeling than sitting behind the wheel of a lifted truck? Looking down on the world, you feel like the king of the world. Knowing how a truck is lifted and which type of automotive body parts are used in lifting a car will help your decision making if you want to lift your car. There is no one way to boost the height of your truck but a few. But there are two main types. A basic description of the two is in the following.

Lift Kit

The way that this aftermarket part works is by placing blockers and spacers between the car’s body and frame. Now usually the spacing is a few inches. But if you are willing to tweak the suspension of the car you can go higher, much higher.

The trucks and cars nowadays have a lower base. This means if you take your truck off-road, it can be fatal to your undercarriage. Lift kits can help you here by lifting the frame higher to avoid uneven terrain on your off-road escapades. This will save you from the damage that might have been caused to your truck it was at its usual height level.

I know what you are thinking. Yes, you can turn your truck into a monster truck with the help of lift kits and some other aftermarket car parts. You would need to accommodate bigger tires and a sturdier suspension for your truck but lifting it to the skies is possible with the suspension lift kit. Your dream of towering over everything and everyone can finally come true. You can Speed through steep inclines and mud pits with ease with your monster truck, a feeling reserved for only a few.

There are two types of lift kits, body lift, and suspension lift kits. Body lift kits are good for a short upgrade. This car part is relatively simple and easy to install as well, but if you extend too much it can cause harm to your suspensions.

Whereas, suspension lift kits bolster your suspension according to the height you want to reach. This aftermarket part makes for an expensive installation at times and is trickier to install, but this mod is more durable and can provide you with greater clearance.

Leveling Kits

Trucks are designed for hauling big loads. This means that the backside of the truck is a bit raised than the front. This is to ensure that your truck can handle heavy loads without fuss. This means that you can’t really use bigger tires on the front like the back. Leveling kits help you achieve that. You can use a leveling kit to raise the front part of the car to accommodate larger wheels and better align your car. This gives your car a more consistent look.

If you have other mods and car parts like a heavy duty bullnose bumper or a heavy winch, it can weigh your truck down. This will make your truck look saggy and might even cause premature tire and suspension damage. So getting this aftermarket auto part means a better distribution of weight and gives a boost to your truck.

When choosing your leveling kit you should remember that this auto body part is specific to each truck and you should have sufficient knowledge before installing one in your truck. Installing them however is easy and inexpensive at the most part, so there is nothing to worry on that part.

Making The Right Choice

If you are unsure about which kit to get still, then make a list. See what it is that you require. This will help you get a clear vision on which particular part you need. You can get your leveling kits on the cheap from many online stores now. Shops like PartzRoot and Rock Auto offer an extensive array of quality aftermarket parts. There are many that even offer free shipping. So do your research and choose the right body parts for your truck.


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