Software to recover password is also known as a password cracker or password recovery tool. This is a type of software that used to remove a password of your document. Also, you can use it to unlock PDF document that comes with password protection. It does the work bypassing the lock, or removing the password, or finding the password.

Also, there is a way to bypass password protection by changing the process of opening the file. When you lose your Windows or some other files passwords after you do password protect pdf file, you need to use some good tools to recover the password. It’s because a password cracker can help you with this issue. Now, we’re going to know about some of the best password recovery tools for you.

Windows Password Recovery Tools

Ophcrack is Windows-based password recovery software and works to crack login password of Windows. That means when you lose your password for Windows and can’t log in your system, it can help you. But, there are some tools that work as Windows password resetting tools. These include Registry Editor, Offline NT Password, and PC Login Now.

They’re really good to recover your Windows password. However, Ophcrack is some points ahead of other tools by its popularity and handy features. Also, it’s free to download and use and it’s the same for the other Windows password recovery tools.

PDF Password Recovery Tools

As you already know, password recovery tools are the type of software that removes or crack a password for its users. It’s also the same for the PDF files. It breaks user and owner password of the PDF files. That means it can breach two different types of security that come with a PDF file. Currently, there is a huge popularity of PDF password crackers.

In this case, you can use some great and free online tools to break PDF file’s password. These include FreeMyPDF, PDF Unlocker, and PDFCrack and some others. Some of them find both types of passwords, but some others just find out just the PDF owner’s password.

Word Password Crackers

When you lose your password for your Microsoft Word files, you strongly feel a need for a password cracker. It works to find out or remove passwords that have assigned for your document. Also, you’ll find some tools to recover the password for the document that has restrictions to edit. But, we didn’t find a tool so far that works great coming with free of cost.

Besides, there is some free password recovery tool for Word document are brute-force recovery software in type. In this case, CrackIt and Recovery Wizard could be some good examples. Also, you can use GuaWord to remove and recover Word documents’ password.

RAR Password Crackers

If you lose your RAR file password then you need a password cracker that can remove or recover your password. There are some different types of RAR password crackers that work with the versions of 32- and 64-bit. ZIP Password Cracker Pro is one of the great RAR password recovery tools.


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