Since the outbreak, banks and ATM operators are busy installing new contactless machines. This has done to reduce the danger of infection for customers. However, card skimmers and spy cameras are utilizing daily.

It is in your best interests to take precautionary measures to defend yourself while using an ATM. Follow these guidelines to guarantee a pleasant and risk-free experience. Therefore, before you look for ATM providers, let’s know the tips.

Stay Alert

Staying awake at all times is a basic need while using an ATM. In and around the ATM, look for any strange activity or people. Ensure that you have not followed or that no one is spying on you.

Look for CCTV and try to use an ATM with one – or at the very least one with a security guard outside. Calculate your money only inside the ATM or after you reach a safe location. It is not a good idea to handle cash in a public place.

Maintain the Secrecy of Your PIN

When using an ATM to access your account, your PIN is the essential security protection; therefore, keep it private. While entering the PIN, always use your hand to cover the view of the ATM keyboard.

Never give out your PIN to anyone unless you completely trust them. Don’t forget that banks will never ask for your PIN, so don’t fool anyone who does. Also, instead of writing it down, commit it to memory.

Choose the Correct Location

Using a secure ATM is critical for your security. Use an ATM on a busy street or in a secure facility at all times. Avoid using an ATM after midnight or in a remote location.

Even if you’re using an ATM late at night, make sure it’s not in a dark area. If you feel insecure in your surroundings or spot any questionable people, do not use an ATM.

Do Not Seek Assistance from Strangers

When you become trapped using an ATM, you may desire to seek assistance from others. While this may be acceptable in an emergency, never reveal your PIN or allow anyone to transact on your behalf.

Do not count your money in front of other people. Asking for assistance should only be the last option; preferably, attempt to avoid using that equipment and instead search for another.

Request Assistance from Your Bank

If you have any problems using your bank’s ATM, contact your bank for assistance. Money may deduct from your account in some cases, but you may not receive it. You may be unable to access your account at all. Alternatively, your card may wipe into the machine.

In such cases, call your bank’s toll-free customer service number right away. This toll-free number is easily accessible online or through the bank’s official website. They will offer a solution. Use the best ATM placement service if you ever misplace your card or it is stolen.

Examine the ATM thoroughly.

In some instances, scammers have installed inconspicuous electronic devices known as ‘skimmers’ that can capture whatever you enter. So, before entering your PIN, thoroughly scrutinize the machine, paying specific attention to the keypad and card slot. These gadgets may even withhold your money at times.


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