It ultimately came to pass. In Latest York City, DJI unveiled the new drone. And we were there. You may watch the video here. However, we have already tested the drone and know exactly what we are talking about without depending on the manufacturer’s information.

You were mistaken if you expected another model from the well-known Phantom/Mavic series. DJI revamped itself with the new drone and launched into a new category of drones.

So, the Chinese manufacturer’s smallest drone delivers many functions and establishes new benchmarks in the sub-$500 pricing category.

So let’s take a deeper look at 5 of the DJI Spark’s features that will make the competition appear outdated. Hence, before you look for an aerial inspection drone, let’s know the reasons.

The Drone Is Tiny

The ready-to-fly drone measures 14.5 x 14.5 x 5.4 cm and weighs only 304 grams. That beats the record set by all previous DJI models. It has made DJI Spark one of the smallest drones in a competitive industry.

So, if you travel on vacation frequently or enjoy capturing unique selfies without much equipment, you will undoubtedly amaze by that drone.

The Gimbal

In comparison to all other rivals, the camera stabilization mechanism of the ultraportable DJI Spark is outstanding. Finally, fuzzy images are a thing of the past, even in the category of lower-cost drones. But why is this so, and why is the DJI so much superior to its competitors?

So, the majority of manufacturers do not even stabilize their cameras. However, some manufacturers have imagined premium digital picture stabilization. A good example would be the Yuneec Breeze, in a similar pricing range.

The Size & the Battery’s Capacity

The flying duration of the little DJI Spark is impressive given its size and battery capacity of 1.480mAh. This may also make the competitors nervous. This DJI Spark can fly for 15 minutes.


Moreover, other drones in the same price range may occasionally wobble and utilize fisheye lenses. They make the photographs seem round and unnatural, DJI employs a straightened fix 25mm lens. Bid bye to cheesy action-camera looks and hello to films and images that will wow.

And the faster you are, the higher your name will appear on the delivery list. So, DJI is not known for quick dispatch. Nevertheless, there are no options because shops will receive the drones after DJI has completed the shipping procedure.


This DJI Spark may control in three ways. It is the traditional method. This uses a remote control. Ranges of up to 2km can cover here. It’s greater than the legendary Yuneec Typhoon H. That can barely reach 1.6km and costs almost three times as much.

That DJI Spark can also operate through a smartphone. Although the reach is obviously limited, the vertical extent is roughly 50m, and the horizontal extend is 80m. A third method of controlling the drone is through flight modes: you may capture selfies with gestures. In this case, you can also consult with a commercial drone professional.

“Anyone may use gestures to control the drone and shoot selfies.” so DJI’s futuristic technology provides such advantages for even the most modest budgets.


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