Normally curly or wavy hair is the spirit of the hair texture party—vibrant. Its one-of-a-kind and full of character. You’ve undoubtedly realized that your texture is unique when you have natural hair.

Indeed, your regular hair texture probably doesn’t look the same from day today! Therefore, before you look for “hair cuts near me,” let’s know more about the hairstyles.

The Half up Updo

It is a classic that looks great on coiled hair and emits a lot of attitudes! Do the following: After you’ve defined your curls, make a triangle-shaped area in the back that starts over each ear and finishes just below your crown. So, this is just off-center, cut the top part.

So, bundle each side of the top portion loosely and attach both halves at the rear tip of the triangle. Gently loosen the top parts with the end of a tail comb or your fingers to add volume on top.


It’s similar to sculpting in that you’re combining form and space to produce a beautiful object. When it comes to natural hair styling, you have a plethora of possibilities.

So, the experts show their favorite hairstyles and how-tos for three general types of natural hair—wave, curly, and coily—as well as wise recommendations to assure style perfect for any texture! 


Begin with dry hair and separate it into one-inch square portions. Wrap each portion away from the face around a half-inch or quarter-inch iron. To lengthen the curl, slide the iron out of the portion while leaving the curl intact, then grip the bottom and pull downward.

After the entire head has curled, stretched, and cooled, rake through with your fingertips. So, put in a bit of style oil or serum for shine and frizz control.


The knotted setup technique is quite adaptable. You may get free waves or tight, bouncy curls depending on your natural texture and the size of your sections. Begin with a clean, moist head of hair. Use an all-purpose detangler and detangle section by section with a pick.

So, part your hair in half, secure the top part, and begin from the bottom. After detangling your hair, return to the same areas and blow dry section by section using a paddle brush.

2-Strand Twist

This styling method is ideal for achieving lush, consistent curls on any hair type. A bouncy, dynamic look has achieved with a two-strand twist on coiled hair. Two-strand twists can also use with braids to create a variety of coiled hairstyles.

Divide your hair into pieces, split each section in half, and then twist the portions around each other from roots to ends to get this look. So, larger pieces will produce fatter curls, while smaller sections will produce tighter, springier coils.

Crown Braid

Here’s a quick and straightforward approach to achieving a clean and festive natural popular haircut styles for women. Do the following: Make a deep side part in your dry, stretched hair.

Start at the part near the hairline, and work your way around the head with a braid. Retain the braid at the back—rep on the other side. Connect the braid ends at the nape and fasten with a bobby pin.


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