If you have a mobile house, you might notice some problems. Did you check the doors and windows? Does it close properly, or there are any other problems while closing the door and window? If you think the door and window are not closing correctly, you need to work on it.

It means the house is not on the level anymore. However, there is nothing to worry about it. If you take some steps, you can solve these problems. All you need to do is follow the instructions and do as it says.

It will solve your problem quickly, and you will not have any other problems while closing the door and window. Therefore, before you look for action mobile office trailers, let’s know more about this issue.

Step One: Remove Skirting

For starting the 1st step, you need to remove skirting. Ensure you are removing skirting from the entire house and keeping it in a safe place. Also, you need to keep these things near the house. So, if you find it, you can fix this quickly without having any problem.

Step Two: Find Out the Problematic Area

Moreover, you need to find out the problematic area. So you have to check every pillar of the house to find out the problem. Once you find any problems, mark that area to work on it later.

After you finish, move to your next pillar to find out some other problems. In this way, you can find out all the problems you have in the house and solve them later.

Step Three: Jack Up Your Mobile house

Already you find out the problematic area. Now it is time to work on it. In the beginning, you have to jack up your mobile construction office trailers or mobile houses. Then keep a wood piece underneath this Jack. Plus, you need to raise it slowly.

Additionally, place the wood under the level and watch the house raising. You will notice a bubble on that level, which will place in the house centre. You did the work successfully.

Step Four: Place Blocks

You will jack up your mobile house to solve the problem. Once you finish the work, you will notice a little space underneath. So, you have to keep the wood shims in that area to cover the space. In this way, you will fix the problem and cover the space.

Step Five: Remove Jacks and Check

You placed shims in the proper place as needed. Now remove that, Jack. Once you finish, you should follow step two. Now you should check all doors and windows and find out you have any other problems or not.

Well, you should not have any problem after following the above steps. Do not forget to check the plumbing after fixing those problems. The pipes point might be loose after solving those problems. Ensure you are checking and fixing them properly.

Step Six: Check Regularly 

This may help if you did not forget to check the house regularly. If you check the house regularly, there will be no chance to get any damage in the house. Also, you can solve the problem before it begins.


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