Our cars are one of the highest maintenance machines we use. They need maintenance every now and then. Often those situations come without asking.

It is best to repair your car in an auto maintenance shop. However, it is not advisable to let the repair guy sell you parts. They often sell available components, which we call master copies.

Also, you can save a lot of money by buying your own parts online. Here are the steps you need to follow to purchase genuine Acura parts.

#1 Identify the Part

The first step is not really related to buying car parts, but it is the most significant step in the whole process. You can diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle if you have any experience with cars. You can identify which part of the car you need to repair.

It’s best to take the car to the nearest repairman if you’re not qualified, and he’ll tell you which component is defective. If you have found the part you need to order, you will continue searching for the best spare part.

Apart from the name of the part, if you want to purchase the right Acura car parts, you will need additional details.

#2 Find the VIN Number

You need to insert your vehicle details in any online store before you start looking for the part. Your automotive maker, series or model, year of production, and type of engine must be entered. These details can be found in the Car License or Vehicle Registration Certificate.

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN number) or Chassis Number is another valuable detail you need to enter to locate the suitable spare component.

This number can be found on the corner of the bumper, inside the driver’s door on a factory sticker, inside the passenger door, in the narrow floor compartment next to the passenger seat, the trunk, the hood occasionally the engine.

#3 Genuine or Replacement Parts?

You will find a significant price gap between the parts when you limit your search to the particular car segment. The contrast lies in the suppliers of the materials and whether they are genuine or substitute pieces.

Genuine components are original parts made directly by your vehicle’s maker, or also called OE parts. Those components are the highest performing parts, but they are still very costly when opposed to replacement parts. Replacement parts, or referred to as OEM parts, are parts produced under license from other firms’ original maker. These components are often much cheaper than authentic pieces.

We still encourage you to purchase replacement parts because they are much cheaper than genuine parts. Yet, they are also parts of high quality.

#4 Don’t Buy from Chinese Stores

You’ll find that Chinese online stores are considerably cheaper than all the other stores if you do your online search for the most affordable car section. However, there are no OEM components for car parts sold, and they have no approval whatsoever from the original suppliers.

These components just look like original components, but they are made of inexpensive, low-quality materials and are actually junk parts. They don’t even work on the vehicle in some situations because the dimensions were messed up.

You’re tossing your money down the toilet when you buy spare car parts there! So, do your research before adding them to your cart.


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