When it comes to hiking, your socks play a vital role in the case of keeping your feet safe while hiking. Many obstacles come and go on your path on the trails. Therefore, putting on the right pair of socks along with the right shoes is crucial.

To keep your feet blister-free and comfortable, the right socks have no replacement. Like hiking pants men, choosing the right hiking socks is vital.

Height of Hiking Socks

You will find different types of hiking socks with different heights just like different hiking boots. It starts from your ankles and ends at your knees. It is always important to cover your skin up to where the cuff of your shoe touches so that your skin doesn’t get rubbed with shoes.

Also, you may find different insects that may touch your bare skin and cause infections and cuts. Therefore, there should not be any gap between your pants and socks. So, choose the height of your hiking socks wisely.

Cushioning of Your Socks

Speaking of the cushioning of hiking socks, it depends on the place you are going on a hike.

The weather matters because if you are going to hike in a warm place, the cushioning should be as low as possible so that your feet can breathe and stay comfortable without sweating.

On the other hand, if the place is cold and the weather is less humid, go for a thick pair of socks that will give you a warm feeling and won’t let you feel cold.

Besides, the weather has no guarantee, and it can change anytime. Therefore, keeping extra socks in your backpack of different types can be helpful in the case of sudden weather changes.

The Fabric of Hiking Socks

You will find a lot of blend in the case of making hiking socks. For instance, if you look for the most used socks material, you will find wool at the top.

Hiking specialists mostly recommend wool because of its quality of comfort. Also, you will find a synthetic element that includes Polyester.

This is also popular because it absorbs the temperature quickly and doesn’t take much time to dry. Moreover, the fabric of socks indicates the durability, comfort, and warmth of the socks.

Also, drying fast should be the equality of hiking socks.

Fit Hiking Socks

No matter what brand or material socks you are wearing on a hike, the size of your socks is crucial.

If you are putting on socks that are bigger than your feet size, it will get wrinkles inside your shoes and can cause blisters.

On the other hand, if the socks are smaller than your actual size, it may create pressure on your fingers and make you feel uncomfortable.

Although finding out the accurate size of socks is not so easy, you should always measure the size according to your size of feet and not to the size of your shoes.

Since sometimes, the size of the feet doesn’t match with the shoe size. Therefore, buying socks according to shoe size is not a good idea.

Moreover, while trying on socks before buying, check if there is a snug. However, overly fit socks are also not good for your feet.


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