When you reach the pitch, you’re going to accommodate your tent. This is the thing that you already have dreamt about enjoying and relaxing the grand outdoors. But, when you’re about to accommodate your tent, you find it has been damaged.

You might be thinking the camping trip has come to the end, right? No, don’t do it because you have some other way to enjoy and go through the trip smoothly. Literally, if your Big Agnes tents have fallen to become some pieces, it’s a serious issue.

But, no matter it’s the tent Big Agnes or some others, you can fix the issues for the smaller damages. That means you can repair and maintain the tent with the minimum effort to continue your trip. But, how is it possible? Well, let’s know some tips regarding this issue.

Small Rips

It’s one of your largest issues. When your tent has a tear or rip, this is really not fit for use. From wind to rain and even wild animals may enter in it and that may make your entire experience very miserable. However, if there is a small hole or rip then you can repair it using tent repairing tape.

This is a quick fix if you have or arrange a tape. Before you cover with seam sealer, use the tape on both sides, in and out of your tent. But, don’t forget to choose and use the right things. If your tent is made of nylon, you have to use sealer and tape especially has made for nylon tent.

Besides, if you have a canvas tent, it’ll require taffeta repairing tape and special sealer. Use seam sealer carefully, if you make mistake to use it, you’ll make big damage for your tent.

Large Rips

When you have the issue of the large rip, it becomes a bit complicated. As a result, you should be more crocheting. It can manage a bit of extra pressure in the areas where there is relaxed material. You have to drag the out of two sides of the stuff together and then fold one side keeping under the other side to stitch tightly.

If you use a waxed thread and sewing awl, they’ll ensure close stitching together before you apply seam sealer. In case, when you’re unable to drag the whole material together, you have to use repairing tape.

So, use the tape to cover the area of damaging and make sure it more than 1.5-inch longer that should be a bit wider than its tear. Then, use seam sealer liberally around edges of the rip.

Fixing Leaks

Leaks happen due to tear in the cloth of the tent. In this case, you can use the same of the above-said steps of fixing for these leaks. But, most time leaks usually happen commonly at the joining place of two fabrics.

If you find water is entering throughout the seams, you can use tent cleaner or alcohol to wipe them. It’ll help you to clean the areas and then apply the sealer. There is waterproof membrane in the tent of these days that allow entering the water in after a few days’ use.


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