A long-distance flight is never easy for every dog, even the most seasoned air traveler. There is undeniably more anxiety in dogs than in humans when it comes to travel; the reason is simple: dogs don’t always have a choice when it comes to travel.

It can be intimidating because the road ahead of us frequently has unknowns. The good news is that I’ve discovered five simple tips to make in-cabin air travel easy and healthy for our four-legged friends. Here’s the lowdown. So, before you look for the best life jackets for dogs, let’s know the tips.

Simplify Their Way In

Be a wise traveler! First and foremost, don’t book a flight for your dog and expect her to wing it. It’s especially if she has never flown before. Unless your dog is a seasoned traveler, she will most likely need to ease into air travel.

Road trips and train rides are excellent ways to acquaint dogs with the motion of flying. Increase the flight duration gradually until your dog is familiar with and comfortable with the entire process.

Before I felt comfortable flying with my dog from San Francisco to New York, I went on several 6-8 hour long road trips and several shorter flights.

Select the Right Dog Carrier

It is critical to select the best dog carrier. Bring your dog along for a “test-sit” when looking for a dog carrier. Make sure there’s enough space for your dog to turn around, sit, and lay down. If your dog appears tense, she is most likely in pain. Besides the best dog carrier you can also buy the best pet life jacket for your dog.

Therefore, do your research and search diligently until you find the perfect match? Soft, durable padding within the carrier is also important for Fido’s comfort.

Begin Dog Carrier Training Early

When you’ve determined which carrier is best for your dog, you should begin training as soon as possible. This is to ensure that she is familiar with and comfortable in it well before your scheduled flight. The idea is to turn the carrier into a wondrous haven.

Place your dog’s favorite blanket, toy, and treats inside the carrier as soon as you get it home. Hide treats inside the carrier at the start of each training session to entice your dog to investigate.

Reserve an Evening Flight

The journey of air travel can seamlessly cause stress. It’s because your dog is thrown out of her daily routine with no guarantee of the road ahead. One easy way to assist your dog get through a long flight is to book an evening flight.

So, Fido can at least keep her sleeping schedule. If you book a flight near or during bedtime, your dog will most likely sleep through the flight. The longer she sleeps on the flight, the shorter and smoother it appears to her.

Work Out Before Your Flight Takes Off

An exhausted dog is a happy dog, as the saying goes. Having said it’s probably safe to assume that a tired traveling dog is also a happy traveling dog. I don’t recommend excessive exercise or extreme physical activity.

However, a few minutes of extra exercise or playtime may help ease your dog’s transition to air travel. Feeling tired during the flight usually equates to a good night’s sleep. Again, the more she sleeps, the shorter and smoother the flight appears to be.


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