Neapolitan pizza is the formal name of pizza Napolitano, a traditional pizza that originated in Napoli, Italy. It is a traditional pizza from Napoli, which is Naples style made. An interesting fact about this pizza is that the tomato used for this pizza is grown in the volcanic plains of Mount Vesuvius. This is a reason this pizza is so much famous around the world.

However, you might not have the tomatoes from Mount Vesuvius, but you can still make this pizza at home. Even though nowadays there are so many Neapolitan pizza delivery near me, I still prefer to make it at home. If you want to make your Neapolitan pizza at home like me, this guide is for you.

#1 Make Dough

The first step is to make a hydrated dough. Usually, in an Italian pizzeria, they make a dough that is 50% hydrated. Then they put this into the oven, which is hot enough to cook the pizza in 90n seconds.

I prefer a 70% hydrated dough to cook in the oven for 10 minutes, and you will have a fluffy crust. And remember to keep the dough at room temperature for at least 3 hours before you start.

#2 Dough Finishing

If you followed step 1 correctly, you should have 70% hydrated dough and fluffy enough. The fluffiness comes from keeping it at an average temperature for 3 hours. Now you have to make them without disturbing the dough.

The aim here is not to flatten the dough, but the purpose here is to get the air out from the dough. You can use your hand or dough scraper for this. Remember all this has to be done on the floor where you will have some flour.

#3 Giving the Look

Now carefully lift the dough from the pile of flour and place it in a clean tray where you can stretch it and give it a classic Neapolitan look. Do this carefully and try to keep the same thickness all around the pizza except the crust.

It is not an easy task to do, but you will be pretty good at it with practice. If the dough tears from the middle, try patching it up and do it again.

#4 Adding Sauce

In this step, we will add sauce to the dough. The sauce will be from peeled tomatoes crushed and added with a bit of salt and basil.

Add one or two spoons of sauce in the middle of the dough and carefully spread it on top of the dough. Make sure not to cover the crust side.

#5 Adding toppings

This is the final part. I usually cook my dough a bit before putting my toppings on top of it. Then I place 100g of mozzarella cheese and one or two leaves on top. This gives a Neapolitan vibe.

Do not apply cheese all over the tomato sauce like American pizzas. Then bake it until the cheese melts down.

So, you can look for pizza near me home delivery and can enjoy your pizza at home.


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