If one is interested in commercial drones or have any idea about them, you must know about the DJI Mavic pro. It is a fantastic drone series that always come with the updated features. We have talked with the many users of the DJI Mavic series, and they were delighted with their drone.

Mostly, they were very happy to get the facilities of using unique gadgets. Even after deep research, we have also found many gadgets that you should use if you are a DJI Mavic users.

So, before you look for the aerial inspection drone, let’s go to the below content till the end and do something more with your DJI drone.

Several Battery Charger

Firstly, we will talk about the battery charger of the DJI drone. We all know that the flying times of the drone is very vital. But if you do not have enough battery charge, then you have to stop flying very quickly. In this case, the Mavic drone may help you.

You will get several batteries charger so that you will able to charge the drone very quickly. In a word, you will get the chance to fly your drone for long times. Besides, you do not need to plug in the charger again and again.

Sunhood for Smartphone

Now we will talk about one great gadget of the DJI, and that is that Sunhood. Mainly, it works for smartphones. Do you know the benefits of sunhood? Well, it helps to prevent the lens flare and glare. It is one new tech, and DJI introduces it to the customers.

However, if you do not plan to fly your drone at night, you do not need this thing. But still, we will suggest you keep it with you. It will help you a lot during flying your drone and get the best view.

Tablet Holder of Remote Controller

We often notice that people do not love small screen at all. Most of the time, people prefer the big screen when they watch something on the screen. So, if you also do not like to watch on your small mobile screen, you can go for the DJI tablet holder.

Yes, it will help you to enjoy your favorite video on the big screen. We cannot but share that many people think that this sort of tablet holder takes a long time to set up. However, we want to clarify that it is a miss concept, and you need few seconds to set it perfectly.

Range Extender

Another vital thing of the DJI is the range extender. It will help you a lot when you transfer data and images. Now you may ask that how you will use this extender and how it will work. First of all, we want to tell you that it is tiny, that is why you can carry it from here to there.

Strong Power Bank for Mobile 

When you need to go for extended shooting, it is vital to have one power bank. The incredible thing is that you will get one strong power bank in DJI. So you will able to charge your drone’s battery, mobile and tablets many times.


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