If you look for top image viewing apps for your Apple computers, you’ll obviously find Horos and OsiriX. Also, you’ll get the latest version of OsiriX for Windows operating system. It’s because these two apps are the top in other image viewers.

But, they have some differences with workability and functionalities along with some other aspects. The differences will be more lucid when you look for their alternatives. Also, you’ll get more about them when you’re interested to know what’s going on out there to view DICOM images.

That’s why you don’t need to look toward some other sites as we’re going to share what you should know about the difference between Horos and OsiriX. Just simply continue reading the post up to the end to get answers that you’re looking for.

Open-Source Versus Closed-Source

Horos is not just free software, it’s open-source as well. That means you can get its source codes if you need to peruse. It’s relevant and valuable for those who want to use or offer their contribution to its source code. So, this is suitable for plugin developers, academic researchers, and scientists.

Moreover, the app has issued under GPL of the GNU that will make you able to add your own plugins. Also, this is a good way to protect your code legally. Besides, OsiriX was open-source initially, but currently, it’s a closed source app.

Instead, the app is available as a freeware that names OsitiX Lite. Also, there is a paid version named OsiriX MD that costs an amount of $699. After getting into closed source format, most of its users have changed their app with Horos and they’re participating in this project.

32-Bit Versus 64-Bit

It’s simple to expect to deal with a big number of medical images when you use a medical imaging app. So, you’ll most likely need to be anxious about the dissimilarity between 32- and 64-bit apps.

Indeed, a computer with 64-bit is greatly able to fetch and store more data than a computer of 32-bit. It’s particularly significant while running with big files of medical images. If you choose Horos then you’ll be able to run it on your 64-bit computer.

As a result, you’ll get more power of computing that makes you more productive and more robust. But, when it comes to OsiriX Lite, it supports 32-bit computers. Besides, you’ll need to pay for the app if you need 64-bit workability with OsiriX.

Other Considerations

None of Horos and OsiriX Lite are approved by FDA. They also don’t come with CE IIa Label. But, the paid version of OsiriX MD is approved by the FDA. This point just comes on working when it needs to get FDA approved diagnosis.

Additionally, OsiriX Lite has not the feature of editing a DICOM file’s metadata for some particular studies. When you need to change or re-correct the metadata of institution or patient, this is a very handy feature. Now, it’s your turn to choose your favorite one.


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