You might be a busy doctor or having an imaging center to practice medicine and imaging. You can consider implementing and using telemedicine in your practice. However, you can be confused that you’re at the right time to invest in this concern or not.

Like PACS medical imaging, you’re not sure whether or not it’s the right investment for your practice. If you’re in these types of uncertainties, you don’t have anything to get worried about.

We’re right here to help you with this issue. Indeed, the decision comes with the cause by the sings that make you feel for your patients and your practice.

It means that some major signs indicate investing in telemedicine rather than technologies like RIS PACS system might be meaningful for you. Well, let’s know how you can realize its necessity.

You Have Built Up a Big Remote or Rural Patient Population

Usually, telehealth or telemedicine programs have planed to get better healthcare availability for far-off patients. This is why telemedicine needs to be on your practice if you get great rural or hard-to-reach patients.

This method and use of recent technology have gone afar while some physicians straight away dismiss the plan. They may do it just because of their patients could not have better internet access.

Know if you ever have tried to take part in a healthcare system on the rural areas or whether or not you measured or surveyed their access to smartphones or the internet. These days, there are the latest telehealth apps that are very simple to install and use than they were in the past.

You Always Have Longer Wait Times

Most patients report that they’re frustrated by their wait times while going to visit a doctor. It’s because nobody likes to sit lazily in a doctor’s waiting room. If you’re in a long wait here, you might also have lost the patient to do some other tasks that are in wait on the street or somewhere else.

Also, it can low your patient’s satisfaction scores. You’ll get its solution in two different ways while using the telemedicine system. One, it takes care virtually to improve your workflow to handle your patients and their issues easily.

Two, it reduces the wait times for the patients while traveling to a doctor’s office or imaging center. Besides, they can do some tasks from their home/ work if they need to undergo a wait.

You Have to Make Better Patient Satisfaction Scores

Are you getting miserable scores on surveys of patient satisfaction? So, you’re looking for ways to get better satisfaction scores. As telemedicine doesn’t offer a shortcut way to add an effective care component might go afar.

It’s not a simple way of addressing complaints of the patient regarding their wait times and accessibility. Also, it addresses them conveniently and the way to connect at the way they experience to their physician.

It’s highly appreciating that a survey found about 75% of the patients are more interested in a virtual visit to their doctors rather than making it in-person.


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