We often find ourselves searching for ‘the best barber shops near me’. This is something we do when we don’t know much about our neighborhood’s barbershops. If you live in Astoria, NY, we got your back. We will tell you about a barbershop that will give you a classy haircut in a vintage style high-end environment.

What to Expect from Well Kept Barbershop?

Well Kept Barbershop was founded by two guys, Luis and Ruben, who started cutting hair since they were 15 and 13 years old. Founding out what they wanted to do with their lives at an early age gave them a huge opportunity to sharpen their skills. Over the years, they figured out exactly what kind of barbershop they would found. They wanted to be at the top of the list when people ask their friends, “Hey, what are the best man weave barber near me”? And, they certainly have.

They founded a barbershop which is filled with award-winning barbers who work with extreme professionalism to ensure their customers get the exact haircut they asked for and not go home and complain that the barber ruined their hair. Them strive for class has led them to make Well Kept a vintage style barbershop with a welcome ambiance. Their staff is very professional and at the same time experienced with the latest trends and style.

Types of Services Well Kept Offers

Combining haircut and shaving, they offer 9 different kinds of services.

  • Well Kept- This is their most common service and is the second priciest. This service will get you a haircut, blow-dry, style along with finish. Hair wash is complementary with the haircut, and if necessary they will also provide a hot lather neck shave.
  • The Standard- As the name suggests, it’s pretty standard. A regular haircut with clippers but without scissors.
  • The Little Man- Again, this haircut is also what the name suggests. It’s a haircut for children under 12 years old.
  • Traditional Shave- A traditional razor shave that comes with steamed towels. You will get a $5 discount if you get it with any haircut.

●     Presidential Shave- A traditional razor shave that comes with exfoliating facial treatment and facial massage. You will get a $5 discount if you get it with any haircut.

  • Head Shave- This one is also a traditional razor shave that comes with steamed towels only it’s for the head!
  • The Tune-Up- Costs the lowest this one is clean up around the edges of your hair. Get this if you think you need a little tune-up before a date or a big presentation.
  • The Beard- Same as the Tune-Up, this one is for the beard. Any kind of trim you need for your beard. A $5 discount is available if it’s paired with a haircut.
  • The Tune-Up and Beard This is a combination of the last two mentioned- it provides you with any kind of trim or tune-up needed for your hair and beard, no haircut included though.


Although sometimes the service may seem pricey, customers of Well Kept are pretty satisfied with the result and the experience. So, go check out Well Kept.


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