There are decreasing insurance compensations and the ever-increasing costs of operation. So, things are getting more difficult to make a profit from the practices of medical imaging. This is why you don’t have a way to improve your efficiency importantly.

It’s the way to decrease your operational expenses and increase your revenue. The advancements of technology are affecting various areas of medical imaging. It’s also the same for PACS and RIS system with the improvement of resolution, AI apps, and quicker reconstruction.

These along with other considerable features can improve diagnoses increase and increase productivity. Now, let’s know some other essential features that should remain in these systems.

Certified EHR

Know about your current systems whether they’re certified EHR or not. If they’re not certified then you have a chance to lose a large amount of revenue. It’s one of the must-have features as the government asks for it.

So, when you look for higher income from your imaging center, you have to arrange it with high-quality and certified professionals. If not, it’s difficult to compete with others who have that.

Electronic Filing System

It’s considerable whether your systems can make and store the files eclectically. If they can’t do it, you might be wasting your time and money to store your documents on papers.

When you have an electrical central storage system for your documents, you can save printing and paper costs. Also, you can make your staff more efficient and productive. Otherwise, it would be struggling for you to survive with these days competitions.

Appointment Reminders

What about your system when it comes to sending the confirmations of appointments. If you find them unable to do it, it’s a great issue. It’s because your staffs need to spend a big percentage of the time over phone callings on this issue.

You should have a way to automate this practice that will increase your staff’s efficacy. So, if you think you have this problem in your imaging center then solve it as soon as possible.

Doctor’s Portal

You may have referrers that provide access to the portal of the doctors. You can include them easily into their EMR. If you’re still going through this way, you’ll find your staffs are facing burden. It’s because they’re getting useless phone requests for medical images of their patients.

When you have this feature with your system, it’ll reduce your various operational costs. It’s also an excellent PR tool to increase the satisfaction of your customers. But, if you have these features with your center then you can use them to increase your profit. When you don’t have this feature, you can contact your vendor to get help from them.

Stop CD Burning

As it’s said already you can save a lot from the latest features. You can use these technologies as like RIS radiology and others to reduce your costs in many ways. These include printing and paper costs. And the most important thing is that you don’t need to burn a CD anymore.


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