A few people don’t realize about voice search (at least until they have more experience with it) that, unlike a standard browser search, you only receive ONE search result. That’s correct; there’s just one. To ensure that you are that one, you must outrank your opponents.

There are several techniques to ensure that you reach the top of the rankings. These strategies will include SEO techniques as well as updates and enhancements to your website. Therefore, before you look for a dropshipping business model, let’s know the tips.

Techniques Based On-Site Performance


It refers to your website’s overall security. Google prioritizes safe dropshipping websites USA. If your website is not currently HTTPS, you must update immediately. This certification informs Google and your users that they are safe when browsing and purchasing on your website.

When you visit an HTTP site, you will see the dreaded “Not secure” label to the left of the URL bar. Aside from harming your ranking, users will be far more hesitant to submit personal information to your site.


Check to see if your website has optimized for performance. Make certain that your theme can move at breakneck speed. Remove any programs that are slowing down your site.

Google prioritizes pages that load quickly in their search algorithm. They do not send consumers to slow-loading websites. You want to ensure that you have every advantage available in search rankings.

Optimized for Mobile Devices

We have arrived in the year 2021. At this moment, there is no reason for any eCommerce site not to be mobile-optimized. At the end of 2018, mobile devices accounted for more than 25% of all eCommerce sales.

In the previous six months, 79% of smartphone users completed an online purchase using their mobile device.

Techniques Based On SEO

In addition to site performance-based ranking approaches, you should examine these SEO-based techniques that increase your site’s Google ranks. Remember, to perform at the level required for voice search, you must be rated first!

Keyword Research

Whatever product you are offering, there are keywords linked with it. Conduct a study to determine what these are so that you can include them on your website. If possible, collaborate with a qualified marketer to optimize your site and these keywords for search crawlers.

Know the Language People Use

One issue has difficult for businesses and marketers to adjust to is that when performing a Google search. Consumers do not necessarily use the most professional or suitable language. People’s meanings are significant to you.

Voice search has programmed to look for the same phrases that individuals use while speaking. So, check to see if your site will fill for such terms. People ask Google Search a wide range of queries.

Use YouTube for Boosting the Search Ranking

YouTube is merely another tool in a marketer’s toolbox. Remember to use it here. It has linked to your YouTube channel from your website and vice versa.

So, you may utilize your YouTube account to display video clips that respond to and include the questions you posed in the previous phase. In this manner, you can discover another strategy to boost your visibility in search results.


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