The last year was the time when Australian Telco’s get the final relented and introduced all-you-can-use gigabytes with unlimited data plans. But, they have come with some big catches in most cases as it was not really unlimited at all. That’s why Telstra and Vodafone rebrand tier plans so that they can focus more on the single excess charges. But, it’s one kind of ‘peace of mind’ data that’s said by Telstra where Vodafone likes to offer ‘endless data’ plans. As a result, if they offer really too good to get them true, you can get wondered that you’re getting too many data. So, we’ll try to know about the catch of the cheap phone plans with endless data. Simply continue reading to know in details of the things that you can need to know as well.

Unlimited Data with Limited Speed from Telstra and Vodafone

They’re technically unlimited while all of the Vodafone’s data is ‘endless data’ and Telstra’s plans are ‘peace of mind’. It’s because you can use your high-speed 4G data for every month gets capped. In this case, you get a particular amount of data with the full speed of 4G. But, it gets slower after the end of the month with the remaining data that happens up to the rest of your billing sequence. Also, it depends on the strength of coverage and your device how a usual 4G connection will get speeds up to 100Mbps. Its true 1.5Mbps is fast enough to run your SD videos, but it’s a limitation and it could pain you if you expect endless data.

Endless Data Plans with Phones

When you paired speed-capped of the Telstra and Vodafone’s unlimited data plans, you’ll know their popularity with phones use. Also, you have options to choose to payment periods from 12 months to 36 months with Vodafone. You may think it disappointing somehow, but you’ll get really endless options for your data usage and calls when you’re eligible for it. This move is similar to the American mobile operator’s strategies that de-prioritize unlimited data using if someone exceeds a limit like 22 GB data. On the other hand, you’ll get a truly limitless data plans from the Telstra for $199/ month on a contract of 24-month. As the amount is not so cheap, you can get it with a mobile phone like iPhone XS with monthly repayment fees.

Data Sharing or Family Plans

You’ll get data sharing options if you use Vodafone provider and it allows a high-speed data sharing with the plan ‘data that never ends. So, you can share your mobile data with your family members, friends, and coworkers as well if you use this plan. The provider offers these plans as they’re referred as SIM only plans or Red Plus. If you like to use these plus data, then you should share your standard data plans with other standard plans. But, you’ll not get this data sharing option if you use any phone plans of Telstra.


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